As a property owner, your building uses maintenance for staying in top condition. Using high quality building materials results in minimizing your maintenance. A FALK Insulated panel is a durable and low-maintenance building material.

FALK panels are normally  produced with a Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® coating. This high quality coating designs and protects your building. A protection that guarantees 40 years of good performance. Whatever the destination of your building, FALK offers several coatings that protect your building. Examples are agrigultural coating, foodsafe coating, interior coating. Read more about the coatings that FALK offers.

Your building, your FALK insulated panel!
FALK gives your building a personal touch. With FALK you have endless possibilities in colour, coatings, profiling, insulation thicknesses and fire resistance. With FALK you can design your complete building yourself. The only thing FALK does is producing your wall panel and metal roof panel, to realise your dream.

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What is an insulated panel and how is it made?
Insulated panels combine protection and insulation into one product. This building material consists out of 3 layers; a steel outer plate with profiling, a layer of insulating foam and an inner plate of steel. Watch the video below and learn how we made it.

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