The first circular sandwich panel: CradleCore®

FALK introduces the first circular sandwich panel in the world.

The first circular sandwich panel in the world is a fact: FALK is excited to introduce CradleCore®, a 100% recyclable PIR insulation core!

Based on the philosophy that our earth is not a never-ending source of raw materials, FALK and InSus have invested greatly during the past years, to make sandwich panels circular. And were able to do this successfully. The first circular sandwich panel in the world is a fact.

FALK Bouwsystemen launches the first sandwich panel with a circular insulation core. This unique core bears the CradleCore® name and is now available at FALK. These CradleCore® sandwich panels always come with a return guarantee and an optional refund guarantee. Working with the CradleCore® insulation foam enables you to benefit from very low shadow pricing; which positively influences the environmental performance of your building.

At the end of a building’s life cycle, the FALK CradleCore® sandwich panels can be returned for recycling to the InSus factory in Duiven.

Circular Sandwich Panels

CradleCore® refers to the recyclable insulation core of FALK Bouwsystemen. This insulated core, which partly consists of recycled components, guarantees an extreme environmental impact of your insulated building envelope. By selecting FALK panels with a CradleCore® insulation core, you also choose for a second life of the PIR insulation core. That way, you have a perfectly insulated building, while we take care of the rest. Now that’s FALK!

FALK, smart building for a circular future!

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