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Progress and ambition. That is what distinguishes FALK Bouwsystemen. Our roof and wall systems therefore make the difference. For you. Our mentality is that almost everything is possible. The challenge is to always surpass ourselves with smart solutions. This way you always benefit from the best product for your project. We make and deliver products that you can build on. FALK has two own high-tech production lines that stand in Ede along the A30, the heart of the Netherlands. From this place we can deliver quickly and on time. This saves time and money. To make it easy for you, we also gladly supply the fasteners, light panels, typesetting and sealants. This way you get a complete package on the construction. Very handy.


Core values

Our core values are: reliable, committed, decisive and smart solutions.

Reliable: We do what we say and say what we do. Not only our 'doing' must be reliable, but also the products we make.

Committed: We want to be involved and stay with you and with society. We do this by working together, moving with developments, taking the future into account and looking at each other.

Decisive: Our employees are always ready for you. Thanks to our short lines of communication, we are able to respond and communicate quickly and purposefully.  

Smart solutions: The result must be positive. We are therefore looking for the smartest solutions in cooperation with all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders). These are achieved by challenging ourselves again and again.


The mission of FALK is: Building the future.


Use of the best materials and the right means of production with the lowest possible environmental impact, for a high-quality and sustainable product that meets the wishes of the customer and stakeholders functionally and aesthetically, whereby the talents of employees can develop for their own well-being and for the benefit of company and society. 

Production milestones

FALK Bouwsystemen was founded in 2007. After the construction of the panel line, production could really start in 2009. Meanwhile, we have already made a lot of meters of panel. Put all these meters in a straight line behind each other then you can walk from the Netherlands to South America!

21-06-2010 1.000.000 m2
12-04-2011 2.000.000 m2
21-11-2011 3.000.000 m2
29-06-2012 4.000.000 m2
12-07-2013 6.000.000 m2
28-05-2014 8.000.000 m2
16-04-2015 10.000.000 m2
06-05-2016 12.500.000 m2



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