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We are FALK Building Systems

For 12,5 years, FALK works hard for the production and delivery of your sandwich panels every day. We deliver for various construction projects; from home to office and from stable to distribution centre. 

Sandwich panels are prefabricated building elements that ensure good insulation of buildings. FALK Bouwsystemen supplies the insulated metal panels for roofs, walls and facades. The features of this product have so many benefits that building owners save a lot of money on their energy bills every year! 

FALK always strives for excellence, based on our four core values. These values are not just terms, but carefully filtered properties from the DNA of every FALKENIER:
First of all, we are involved, both with you as customer and society. We achieve this by working closely with you, dealing flexibly with current developments and keeping a keen eye on the future. Secondly, we are reliable. We say what we do and do what we say. In addition to that, FALK is determined. This means that we have short lines of communication which enables us to act decisively in every situation. Finally, with smart solutions, we promise to develop continually. This DNA gives you the best result as a customer. 

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Our mission

With an annual production capacity of over 4 million square metres of sandwich panel, FALK has a responsibility to assume. Both in terms of product and process. We are happy to take on this challenge. We formulate a mission on which we will focus in the next five years, with the ultimate goal of a circular sandwich panel. In this way you will have a perfectly insulated building and we will take care of the rest. That's FALK!

FALK, smart building for a circular future!

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