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In 2007, FALK Sandwichpanels started as a small business in Ede. With the ambition to produce insulated panels, we started in the middle of The Netherlands with our ow production line. With a lot of progress and ambition, today FALK has 2 high-tech production lines and the insulated steel sheets find their way all over the world.

The roof panels and wall panels from FALK are making a difference for building owners, construction companies and architects. FALK combines quality with a no-nonsense mentality. Next to the insulated facade systems, FALK can serve you with delivering accessoires like fasteners, light panels, typesetting and sealants. This way you get a complete package to realize your dreams with FALK Sandwichpanels. 


Building a sustainable future

The core values of FALK are: reliable, committed, decisive and smart solutions.

Reliable: We do what we promise and we communicate about what we do. Not only our 'doing' must be reliable, also the products we make.
Committed: We want to be involved with you, your project and the environment. We do this by working together with our customers on high-tech and innovative building systems that meet the projects requirements.
Decisive: Our employees are always ready for you. Thanks to our short lines of communication, we are able to respond and communicate quickly and purposefully. 
Smart solutions: The result must be positive. We are therefore looking for the smartest solutions in cooperation with all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders). These are achieved by challenging ourselves again and again.


The mission statement of FALK is: Building the future.


Building the future means that we realize high-tech building solutions on a safe and sustainable way by using the talents of our employees. Using the best raw materials and a perfect way of production means that FALK can meet the requirements of our stakeholders. 

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Dear visitor, thank you for your interest in our website. Today it\'s Sunday. We consider this day from a Christian philosophy as a rest day.

We do not undertake business activities on Sundays and that is why our website is closed.
Nevertheless, we welcome you on all other days of the week, please call us! Wishing you a good Sunday and hoping to see you soon! The FALK Team.