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To make it easy, all downloads on this page are collect per category. The documentation can be found on a separate page.

Technical downloads
Sandwich panels for roof are available in  a left and a right version. In this way the mutual side overlap of the roof panels always be placed against the prevailing wind direction. This is related to the cutback (CB).

- Open this file for information about the left / right panel
- Open this file for information about the cutback (CB)

Connections in the gutter and ridge are neatly finished with standard FALK profiles: SPAG and SPAN. The SPAG profile is available for the gutter. With the SPAG the end face of a TR, TR 3+ or GL panel is neatly finished and foam no longer visible. The SPAN profile is available for the ridge side. The space between ridge hood and profiled outer plate is neatly finished. Foamfillers are no longer visible and pests can not enter the ridge detail. Both SPAN and SPAG are available in the same coatings and colors as the panels, creating a perfect match.

- Open this file for information about the SPAG and SPAN

Order forms

Download the order forms for our products here. With these forms you easily order the desired products. You are sure that all necessary information for your order is present..
Order form insulated panels
- Order form light panels

Other downloads

All flyers are on the flyer page, we still want to publish the product overview and the color charts here. More information about colors and coatings can be found at the coatings page.
- Product overview
- Color card Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra
- Color card Colorcoat Prisma 

What conditions apply to handling and storage of insulated panels? For this we provide you storage instructions and general delivery conditions.
- Storage instructions
- General delivery conditions


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