FALK polycarbonate sheet

FALK polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheets are a perfect solution for bringing light into your building. This light sheets are available in the same profile of your cladded roof.

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Technical features

Core thickness [mm]

R-value [m²K/W]

U-value [W/m²K]

Weight [kg/m²]

Fire class




Ca. 2,5


Standard version

Working width

1.000 mm / 1.100 mm

Panel thicknesses

Connect to all TR, GL and TR 3+ profiles


Double-walled polycarbonate 3 mm


Clear or opal

Light transmittance

Clear about 74% and opal about 40%

Minimum length

500 mm

Maximum length

8.000 mm (advice: maximum 5.000 mm)

UV barrier

The plate is provided with a film, a UV barrier for optimal light and to prevent discolouration.

As if the light just comes from outside. The difference due to the light plate is almost invisible. An ultimate light transmission in all possible places.

Polycarbonate plate

The FALK double-walled light plates are made of polycarbonate. From the factory, the light plates are completely sealed on both sides. The double wall provides an extremely strong element with a relatively good insulation value. The FALK double-walled light plates can be processed in all possible positions in the roof. From ridge to gutter, connecting to insulated panels, single-section profiles and even adjacent to each other.


     ✔ double-walled light plates
     ✔ Very strong and stable
     ✔ Available for TR, TR 3+ and GL profiles
     ✔ Fire class B-s2,d0
     ✔ Cutting edges sealed off at the factory
     ✔ Exactly tailor-made (advice is a maximum length of 5,000 mm)


Fire resistance
This light plate is fire retardant: B-s2,d0. 


Are you interested in the FALK polycarbonate sheet? I am interested

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