FALK Residential Roof System

Renovating houses to ZNE or realising your home in an innovative style? With an Rc value of 7+, the FALK Residential Roof is the perfect building solution.

The FALK Residential Roof System is made of trapezium sandwichpanels with high insulation values. At our production location, we produce the system made to measure for each project. This new concept has become very populair in the construction sector because of its userfriendly way of assembling. Complete residential areas have been renovated into Zero Net Energy houses with the FALK Residential Roof System. Also innovative projects like loft houses, tiny houses and barn houses have been realised with the FALK Residential Roof System.

The big benefit of the FALK Residential Roof System is the accurate, fast and cost efficient way of mounting. The system meets the highest category airtight construction: 'passive construction'. In addition to this fact, the sandwichpanels are extremely suitable as a carrier for solar panels. With a coating guarantee of up to 40 years, the FALK Residential Roof System is a sustainable solution for renovating or realising roofs on complete residential areas.


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