FALK Tiled Roof System

Cover your roof simply with tiles or slates and enjoy the benefits of a sandwich panel with the FALK Tiled Roof System!

Do you prefer a traditional roof but do you like to have a well-insulated roof (Rc value of 7.07) with a high fire resistance? Combine your wishes with the FALK Tiled Roof System. This product gives you the advantages of a sandwich panel, but it has the appearance of a traditional roof. 

In addition to that, the sandwich panels FALK 1100 TR3+ Tile Roof supports solar panels perfectly. They can be easily combined with your tiled roof system, to be placed between or on top of the tiles. 

The FALK Tiled Roof System is suitable for new buildings and renovations. This product gives you beautiful tiles on your roof and enables you to live sustainable. 


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3D Building with FALK sandwich panels


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