One tap movement, 27.5 m2 roof covered!

Hands short in construction? With the FALK Flat Roof System you can mount up to 27.5 m2 roof with one tap movement. Take advantage of the benefits.

The FALK Flat Roof System is a groundbreaking solution to quickly and efficiently seal and insulate a large surface roof. Protection, design and insulation are all part of one product. This allows you to make buildings wind and watertight very fast, up to 27.5 m2 per crane movement. 

The inner plate of the FALK Flat Roof Panel has a trapezoidal profile. You can choose a 3-crown of 5-crown profiling. The inner plate has a white coating as standard, which makes the ceiling of your building look fresh and clean. Of course you can also choose a different color coating. FALK applies a fire-resistant PIR insulation core to the inner plate, onto wchich the flat outer plate is applied. After the panel has been mounted, a waterproof membrane is applied.


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Easily and quickly a well insulated roof


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