FALK Greenhouse Roof System

The FALK Greenhouse Roof System is quick to install en offers many advantages. This system is a very favorite for the greenhouse builder!

The Greenhouse Roof is the ideal solution for the greenhouse builder! It is very quick to install because no inner ridges are required. The construction system consists of sandwich panels that have been sawn to size and kinked. Fixing these kinked sandwich panels in the existing roof rails creates a well-insulated roof solution that makes your greenhouse or business premises ready for use.

Because the top of the panel is sawn into the lower steel layer, the panel is retained as a whole. Due to the bend in the steel, the panel retains its strength and a ridge profile is superfluous. This makes the articulated panel quick and easy to assemble.

In addition to that, the sandwich elements are extremely suitable for solar panels. With a coating guarantee up to 40 years, the FALK Greenhouse Roof System is a durable solution for a new roof. The Scintilla® motive of HPS is only 50 microns deep, which means that it is self-cleaning. Coatings with a leather pattern, on the other hand, are no less than 100 microns deep. HPS is therefore self-cleaning, unlike many other coatings. 

The top is finished with an insulating layer and an outer ridge which makes the roof complete. A beautifully finished pitched roof!


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