FALK 1100 TR3+ wall panel

The FALK 1100 TR3+ trapezoidal wall panel has a stunning design and is suitable for any building. The three-crown panel has a working width of 1100mm. Due to the wide profile, the panel creates an effect similar to a standing seam façade.

Thanks to the modern look, this insulated wall panel is a popular choice for residential homes, barns and outbuildings, as well as non-residential buildings. Combine these sleek trapezoidal panels with the FALK 1100 TR3+ insulated roofing sheets to create fantastic loft-style homes!

  • Modern three-crown profile with PIR insulation
  • Available in seven different thicknesses ranging from 40mm to 150mm
  • Quicker installation due to the working width of 1100mm
  • Available in lengths of up to 25m
  • Available with circular CradleCore® insulation core

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