Renovation stabels Biddinghuizen


Year: 2020
Panels: FALK 1100 TR3+

Sustainable stables for the future!

On this farm of Van Veelen Holsteins in Biddinghuizen, the roofs were replaced in 2020. The stables were partly covered with asbestos sheets, which were replaced with FALK 1100 TR3+ panels. The inside is equipped with an agri-coating and has a 15-year warranty. The agri-coating was specially developed for the agricultural sector, so that the panels are more resistant to various influences and last longer. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, 4,038 units in total. This means a total capacity of 1.5MW. On to a sustainable future!

The coating applied to the panels is FALK Black Matt.

Mounting sandwich panels: HG Montage
Mounting Solar Panels: HG Zonnepanelen