Deska Office Furniture in Asten


Year: 2020
Architect: Comzone Architect
Panels: FALK 1100 TR3+ en FALK Carrier 1060 WB

At Deska in Asten you will find everything you need to furnish your office, from office chairs to ink toners. For more than 35 years, Deska has been the all-round supplier of office supplies. Deska moves with the times and therefore moved to their new office building at the Florapark in Asten in the beginning of 2021.

The new Deska office building was designed by the architect Comzone and constructed by the constructor Munco. FALK 1100 TR 3+ in the colour Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® Ardenne was used for both the facade and the roof. In addition, the FALK 1060 WB was installed as a carrier panel on the façade. Wooden elements, which are used both horizontally and vertically, are mounted on the carrier panel as accessories. The carrier panel provides insulation and forms the structural shell for the wooden elements. This creates a beautiful combination of a calm colour and robust wooden elements. 

Constructor: Munco
Architect: Comzone
Mounting sandwich panels: Munco
Photographer: MooiBeeld