FALK 1170 WZ

FALK 1170 WZ

The FALK 1170 can be applied in all building types. A metal siding from FALK is a sustainable way of creating space.

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Technical features

Core thickness [mm]

R-value [m²K/W]

Rc-value [m²K/W]

U-value [W/m²K]

Weight [kg/m²]

Fire class













Standard version

Working width

1170 mm

Core insulation

IsoFR (PIR) / CradleCore®

Coating inside

Polyester 25 mu (other coatings on request)

Coating outside

Colorcoat HPS200 ULTRA® (other coatings on request)

Colors and guarantees

Colorcoat HPS 200 ULTRA & Colorcoat Prisma.

Minimum length

2.000 mm (shorter on request)

Maximum length

20.000 mm (advice: maximum 15.000 mm)

Company certificates

BES 6001 & ISO 14001

Product certificates


The FALK 1170 is flexible and can be applied in all building types. The insulated panel can be used as a facade and as a dividing wall. The greatest advantage of the sandwich panel is the working width of 1170 mm, making it the widest product in our range. In addition to that, the FALK 1170 WZ is available in many colours and with many coatings which makes your building wind- and watertight. Feel free to request a quotation. 

Insulated metal siding panels

These metal siding panels can be fastened both horizontally and vertically and the fasteners remain visible after installation. The insulated panel is available in core thicknesses of 40 mm and 60 mm. FALK offers a special coating for the agricultural sector and the processing food industry which is mostly used as a partition. This makes the FALK 1170 WZ a simple but frequently applicable metal siding panel. 


     ? Mounted horizontally or vertically
     ? Micro, maxi or box profile
     ? New construction and renovation
     ? Visible fastening
     ? Coating guarantee up to 40 years (see conditions)


Fire resistance
This insulated panel is fire retardant (B-s2,d0) and fire resistand.

Agri Coating
Available with Agri Coating. Agri Coating is designed for long life in agricultural applications.

Available with Foodsafe coatings. Special coatings for the food industry. The foodsafe coating meet hygiene requirements.


Cross section and screw pattern
View cross section / screw pattern of the 1170 WZ

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