FALK 1100 TR 3+ EKO B

FALK 1100 TR 3+ EKO B

A widely applicable roofing sheet suitable for solar panels. These metal roofing sheets are resistant to ammonia fumes!

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Technical features

Core thickness [mm]

Total height [mm]

R-value [m²K/W]

Rc-value [m²K/W]

U-waarde [W/m²K]

Weight [kg/m²]

Fire class (EKO B)















Standard version

Working width

1100 mm

Distance between crowns

367 mm

Profile hight

30 mm

Core insulation

IsoFR (PIR) / CradleCore®

Cut back

Available with cut back

Laying direction

Left and right version

Coating inside

Aluminum foil off-white stucco (approx. RAL 9002)

Coating outside

Colorcoat HPS200 ULTRA® (other coatings on request)

Colors and guarantees

Colorcoat HPS 200 ULTRA & Colorcoat Prisma.

Minimum length

2.500 mm (shorter on request)

Maximum length

25.000 mm (advice: maximum 15.000 mm)

Light panels

Available in same profile and thickness (except 20 mm)

Company certificates

BES 6001 & ISO 14001

Product certificates


The FALK 1100 TR 3+ EKO panel is a metal roofing sheet with an inner plate of aluminium foil. This roofing sheet is available on roofs with a slope from 4 degrees. The aluminium EKO foil is resistant to ammonia fumes which makes this metal roofing sheets a perfect solution for agricultural application. Feel free to request a free quote via the button below.

Roofing sheets with insulation

The FALK 1100 TR 3+ EKO (B) is available in insulation thicknesses from 20 mm - 60 mm. The trapezium profiled sheet with 3 crowns is available in different colours. Depending the colour you choose, the warranty can be up to 40 years. A special feature of this roof panel is that the maximum length of this panel can be 25 meters!

Optionally, this insulated panel is also available in an EKO B version. This panel meets the fire requirements requested in fire class B-S2-D0.

     ✔ Trapezoidal profile, 3 crowns
     ✔ From 4 degrees roof pitch
     ✔ New construction and renovation
     ✔ Ammonia-resistant aluminium foil inside
     ✔ Also available in matt HPS coating
     ✔ Coating guarantee up to 40 years (see conditions)


Fire resistance
This insulated panel is fire retardant (B-s2,d0) and fire resistand.

Solar fit
This product is suitable for mounting solar panels. Number and method of mounting must be determined by supplier.

Particularly suitable for new buildings in which fire classification B is needed for areas where animals are kept. EKO B panels meet fire classification B and thus the new Building Code.


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