FALK Rabat 500

FALK Rabat 500

The FALK Rabat 500 profile is a special metal profile that seems to be wooden rabat shelves. With a guarantee up to 40 years you are ensured of a high quality solution for your facade.

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Technical features

Plate thickness [mm]

Weight [kg/m²]



Standard version

Working width

500 mm

Shelf width

166,70 mm

Profile hight

25,24 mm

Colors and guarantees

On request


Available in Plastisol Wood Grain Structure and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra

Maximum length

8.000 mm

Minimum length

2.000 mm (shorter on request)

The FALK Rabat 500 is a metal profile with a wooden wall look. Application of this steel sheets ensures that your construction project gets a beautiful authentic look. The big advantage is that this  metal profile facade is low-maintenance.

The FALK Rabat 500 is available in various modern colours. The high-quality coating ensures that your building will last for years. In addition to Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® colours, the Rabat profiled steel sheet is available in a Plastisol coating with woodgrain structure that further strengthens the authentic wooden look.

     ✔ New construction and renovation
     ✔ Rural appearance
     ✔ Only horizontal assembly


Are you interested in the FALK Rabat 500? I am interested

(0318) 670 670

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