FALK Lichtcassette

FALK Lichtcassette

The light panels are light permeable elements. The panels are mostly combined with FALK sandwich roof panels and can be used for large spans because of their beams.

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Technical features

Core thickness [mm]

R-value [m²K/W]

U-value [W/m²K]

Weight [kg/m²]

Fire class

30 t/m 80



Ca. 5,0


Standard version

Working width

1.000 mm / 1.100 mm

Panel thicknesses

In accordance with TR, GL, TR 3+

Material outer plate

Double-walled polycarbonate 3 mm

Material inner plate

Double-walled polycarbonate 6 mm


Clear or opal

Light transmittance

Clear about 74% and opal about 40%

Minimum length

500 mm

Maximum length

7.000 mm (tot 7.500 mm op aanvraag)

UV barrier

The top plate is provided with a film, a UV barrier for optimal light and to prevent discolouration.

Natural daylight for a comfortable work space and for the health of people and animals. Making optimal use of material for excellent results.

Translucent roof panels

The FALK light panel has a polycarbonate top plate. This light panel has exactly the same profile as our insulated panels. Light panels always fit. The inner plate is made of clear polycarbonate. This plate perfectly matches the inside of the panels. This ensures a very tight finish. You determine the location of the light: the FALK light panels can be mounted both from the ridge to the gutter and then on the insulated panels.


     ✔ Available for TR, TR 3+ and GL panels
     ✔ Polycarbonate top plate
     ✔ Also available for EKO panels
     ✔ Fire class inside is B-s1,d3
     ✔ Long lengths available: 500-7500 mm


Fire resistance
This light panel is fire retardant: B-s1,d3. 



Are you interested in the FALK Light panels? I am interested

(0318) 670 670