Tata Steel launches new generation of Colorcoat PRISMA®

Tata Steel launches new generation of Colorcoat PRISMA®

On 27 September 2017, Tata Steel introduced a completely renewed Colorcoat Prisma® coating. This new coating offers many additional advantages compared to the old Prisma® coating.

Introduction to the Netherlands
On 12 October 2017, Tata Steel introduced the new Colorcoat Prisma® on the Dutch market. This happened at FALK Bouwsystemen. During the celebration of the 10-year jubilee of FALK, the new coating was unveiled.

Colorcoat Prisma®
From 21 September 2017, steel processing companies in the European Union must produce chromium-free. Tata Steel changed the Prisma® coating into a chromium-free product and also implemented many innovations to the coating. The result is a three-layer Colorcoat Prisma® with a Confidex® warranty of up to 40 years and a color guarantee of up to 20 years. This means that the new Colorcoat Prisma® coating is at the top of pre-painted steel products.

Technical benefits
In compare with the old two-layer Colorcoat Prisma®, the three-layer Colorcoat Prisma® offers great advantages. In addition to the longer (guaranteed) life, the new Colorcoat Prisma® has the following advantages:

In consultation with architects, the new Colorcoat Prisma® color palette has been modernized. Colors such as Silver Metallic and Gray Aluminum have been taken out of range while new matte colors have been introduced. In addition, the Elements colors are added with natural metal shades.

View the new Prisma color card

FALK Sandwich panels
Since FALK was founded, TATA Steel products has been used. The Colorcoat products HPS200 Ultra® and Prisma® fit with the sustainability ambitions of FALK. The high quality that translates into long warranty periods, guarantees the quality of the FALK sandwich panel.