Sandwich panels from FALK are FM certified!

FM certified, what does that mean?

With more than a hundred years of product testing experience, FM Global is the world's most experienced party in damage prevention.

The American insurance company FM Global considers prevention of damage of paramount importance! Products applied in FM insured property must meet the highest quality standards. These quality standards are drawn and tested by FM Approvals, part of FM Global. FM Approvals is responsible for the certification of products.

FALK also applies the highest quality standards and has had its sandwich panels tested and certified by FM Global. Recently, FALK sandwich panels have been subjected to severe tests of FM Approvals. Tests have been achieved and panels contain the FM certificate now. From now, it is possible to apply FALK wall and roof elements in construction projects that must be FM-certified.

The prevention or limitation of fire dependents on the products used in a building. The sandwich panels of FALK are tested for fire class and fire resistance. More about this on our web page fire safety.

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