Airtight building with FALK

An airtight building is important!

The Dutch government imposes a number of requirements on the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. The airtightness of a building is important.

The sandwich panels of FALK met the Dutch requirements of 'Bouwbesluit'. These requirements for airtightness are divided into 3 different air tightness classes:

Class  Performance Note
 1  Basic  Complies with 'Bouwbesluit', no special requirements
 2  Good  Energy-efficient building
 3 Excellent  Passive house, very energy-efficient building

Airtightness test!
Recently, FALK tested his panels for airtightness. The insulated panels are subjected to a windproofness test. The sandwich panels are mounted against a cabinet to simulate over- and underpressure to visualize air leaks. With these results we are able to take specific action to improve the airtightness of the tested sandwich panels.

Stunning results!
The results were amazing. All panels reached air-tightness class 3 after a few minimal changes. Air-tightness class 3 means that air loss per seam length is less than 0.001 liters per second!

Some changes
To achieve the maximum air density, some changes are made. The cell band type that is fixed in the connection of the panels is changed into a band finished with a glide foil. The advantage is a airtight band that slides easily during assembly of the insulated panels. With some panels, the position of the cell band is also changed.

Note: all TR panels will be delivered with the new band from 1-2-2018. The GL, WB and WZ panels will be delivered with the new band from 1-3-2018. Do you have a question about the air tightness of our panels? Please contact FALK via +31 (0)318 670 670.