The best protection for your insulated panels

Insulated panels are mainly protected by coated steel. FALK uses high quality standards for the coated steel, mainly the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and Colorcoat Prisma.

HPS and Prisma
At FALK we use high-quality coatings for an extra-long lifespan of our panels. You can choose between Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma®. Both made at TATA Steel.
View the color card of Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra® 
View the color card of Colorcoat Prisma®

FALK Black Matt
An unique new color: the FALK Black Matt. This color is specially designed for FALK. Applied on a FALK corrugated panel, the corrugated panel looks like a traditional fiber cement corrugated sheet. Color fastness and durability are main benefits. Algae and moss have no influence on the coating. Thanks to the Confidex guarantee the coating is guaranteed up to 40 years. This guarantee is equal to the all other Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colors.

Do you want to experience the color? Request a color sample for free.

Colorcoat® and Confidex® Garantie
The best coating guarantee for profiled sheets and sandwich panels is the Confidex guarantee. It surpasses the requirements regarding color retention and corrosion resistance. With a maximum guarantee of 40 years, the Confidex guarantee is by far the best. Treat yourself to beautiful colors and a long-term guarantee. Read more about the Confidex guarantee. 


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