Build circular with FALK and CradleCore®

Advantages of the CradleCore® insulation core

By introducing the circular sandwich panel, FALK is saying goodbye to burning valuable raw materials in sandwich panels at the end of their life cycle. At the end of this cycle the sandwich panels with a  CradleCore® insulation core are recycled by our sister company InSus in Duiven.

Apart from knowing that your FALK panels with circular CradleCore® insulation core are being recycled, it is also nice to know that this generates some financial advantages as well. For example, our CradleCore® panels have an extreme low shadow price, which in return, positively influences the environmental impact of your building.


FALK CradleCore® insulation core panels always come with a return guarantee. This promise shows that the panel is completely circular and all of the raw materials can be re-used. In addition to this, we also offer an optional refund guarantee. That way valuable raw materials remain available for future generations.

FALK, building locally with quality
During the past years FALK has invested a lot in a sustainable production method. We have sustainable production locations and buy our raw materials from environmentally aware suppliers. Since our factory is located in Ede, the centre of the Netherlands, building sites are always nearby. Our panels do not have to be shipped across the world to be used here. Apart from that, FALK has also obtained several certificates related to the quality of sandwich panels, such as: