FALK Reflective White

In cooperation with Tata Steel, FALK Bouwsystemen introduces a new coating: FALK Reflective White. A coating with an extremely high degree of reflection that enhances light sources. By using light efficiently, you save up to 8.9% on your energy bill. FALK applies the coating on the inside of a sandwich panel for both facade and roof.   

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The FALK Reflective White coating is based on Colorcoat® High Reflect from Tata Steel and has a natural, durable and efficient character. The coating has a reflectance of 85%. This reduces the need for electrical light sources to illuminate your building. Moreover, by intelligently dealing with the entry of natural daylight, considerable savings can be made on energy costs and CO2 emissions.

FALK Reflective White is a coating, extremely suitable for the interior of buildings where moisture and dirt cannot affect the coating. Think of distribution centres, schools, offices and other utilities. The coating is suitable for both the inside of facades and roofs. The more this coating is applied within a building, the greater the light output.

The advantages of this new coating
This coating is a durable alternative to our FALK off-white. The FALK Reflective White has the following advantages:

FALK is very pleased with the addition of this FALK Reflective White. The high quality and durable character that this coating offers, fits well within the sustainability policy.

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*Calculations are from Tata Steel and give a good indication. However, many variables influence the actual savings. 

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